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EXCEL Goalkeeping Staff Coach and Univ. of Indiana Goalkeeper Will Lukowski

Have Dave Wiebenga come and perform a "Match Analysis" at one of your next games.  During a match analysis, Dave will evaluate your performance, discuss the match with you in a post-match meeting, and then provide a detailed written report on the performance.  

Here is a list of some of the areas Dave will evaluate during your match:  Communication, Distribution, Decision Making, Starting Position, Vision, Tactical Awareness, Application of Proper Techniques, Psychology, etc.

An EXCEL Goalkeeping Match Analysis will provide you with the necessary information needed to take your game to the next level.

For more information please visit the Match Day Analysis tab.


*NEW* 2014 Fall Small-Group Training
Registration is Now Open

EXCEL Goalkeeping is offering 8 Weeks of Training this Fall

EXCEL Goalkeeping provides 3 levels of training to meet the needs of the individual goalkeeper.  This will ensure that they will get the most out of their experience.

High School Girls (5:15 PM)
click here
U12-U14 Elite (6:15 PM)
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High School Girls (5:15 PM)
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U12-U14 Prep (6:15 PM)
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EXCEL Goalkeeping small-group training provide a LOW student to coach ratio to ensure students are getting the necessary coaching and training 

For more information on Small-Group Training, please visit TRAINING.

To register for the premier goalkeeping academy in Kansas City, today!

Maddie Dobyns--Univ. of Kansas and EXCEL Goalkeeping Alumni and Coach

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