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Dear Keepers,

Over the last 12 years, EXCEL Goalkeeping was dedicated to training the areas developing and elite keepers.  We have seen many students compete for state championships, earn college scholarships, and a few earned professional contracts.  The journey with all of you has been an honor and humbling.  However, this summer I plan to begin a new journey with EXCEL.  EXCEL Goalkeeping will now be EXCEL Athletic Character Ministry.

Last Spring, I became the goalkeeper coach for Kansas City Scott Gallagher as a part of the partnership created with St. Louis Scott Gallagher.  The opportunity has presented a new coaching challenge, allowed me to spend more time with my family, and a calling to take EXCEL in a different direction.

As these changes began to take place, I reflected on my own playing and coaching career, and I knew that I wanted to reach our athletes with a new message.

During my career, I made a number of mistakes on and off the field that were out of ignorance, pride, and lost direction.  I had really strong mentors in my life, but not many knew the day to day life of an athlete, and the challenges that come with the game.  What I really needed was a mentor that understood goalkeepers, and life as a teenager.  If I had these elements in my life, I believe that I might have done many things differently.  However, I fell compelled to use my experiences as a student-athlete, a college-athlete, a pro-athlete, a teacher, a coach, a father, a husband, and even more a Christian to mentor athletes.  

Therefore, EXCEL Goalkeeping will be getting a significant face lift over the next few weeks.  EXCEL will become an athletic ministry dedicated to character, integrity, excellence, and leadership through sport.  My goal is to mentor, train, consult, and walk life with student-athletes who have a strong desire to stretch their boundaries on and off the field. 

Thank you 

Dave and Nikole Wiebenga