EXCEL Athletic Character Ministry desires to communicate a unique message of character, excellence, integrity and leadership to youth athletes in to their daily lives.  

Below discover what EXCEL ACM has to offer the modern youth athlete.  

AUDIENCE: Working with Youth Athletes to equip them to handle all of the unique aspects of their athletic life on and off the field.  

MY WHY:  To communicate a message of character (doing the right thing on and off the field), excellence (playing for an audience of ONE), integrity (reflection of Christ), and leadership (servant to the community).

Have You Ever Wondered:  

How do I handle the influence of social media and is it healthy for my athletic development?

What is my Purpose?

What does it take to be an "Elite" athlete in sports?

How do I maintain my athletic focus and lead a balanced life?

Am I a "Control Freak"?

Am I preparing for the other 2/3 of my life after sports?

Developing Character Driven Athletes Preparing to EXCEL as Leaders in Their Community

Contact Me for More Information:


"I would be honored to work with you and/or your group in answering any of the questions, topics, and issues facing the modern youth athlete looking to EXCEL in their life and athletic aspiration."

Services Provided:

Speaking:  Dave is prepared to come in a speak about character, integrity, excellence, and leadership to any size group.  

Mentoring:  Dave is prepared to walk side-by-side with athletes with a strong desire to compete for an audience of One.  This includes face-to-face meetings, phone calls, email, Facetime, Coffee etc.  

Coaching:  Dave is prepared to work with your players and/or coaching staff to provide practical tools for building strong teams based on character.   May include ideas for better organized training or match analysis and consultation.