During EXCEL Goalkeeping summer academies and small-group training throughout the year, we are able to create a training environment that fosters the growth and development of goalkeepers at all levels.  We spend much time on the technical and physical development of our goalkeepers every week.  This includes handling, diving, footwork, breakaways, distribution and crosses.  In addition, we play small-sided games to place the goalkeeper in situations where he/she must make real tactical decisions.  These decisions include starting positions, angle play, reading the game , and communication.  EXCEL Goalkeeping provides the competitive environment to get the most from the goalkeepers that join our program.  

The next phase of the goalkeeper's development must be the application of training in a full match scenario.  Being the best goalkeeper in training sessions does not mean much to your team if you can not apply it in the match.  The emotional and tactical scenarios that the goalkeeper will face in matches is difficult to recreate in any small-group or camp environment.  

In most club and high school environments, there is a head coach (most of the time with limited goalkeeper knowledge) and possibly an assistant coach.  Most larger clubs hire a "club goalkeeper coach" and the keepers meet once a week in a large training environment with multiple age groups and abilities.  No matter how qualified the coach is there becomes limits when he/she has 15-20 players in a training environment.  As a head coach of a large high school program, I certainly understand the difficultly of providing all of the individual attention that the player needs to meet maximum performance.  Finally, since the club goalkeeper coach has a large roster of goalkeepers, he/she may not be able to attend your matches all the time.  

Letting EXCEL Goalkeeping do a match analysis of your game would allow Dave help you with these developmental need.  Dave will come out to your match, watch the match, sit down with you to discuss your performance, and provide you with insight into where you need to develop your game.  He will coach you on your decision making, positioning, distribution decisions, communication, and game management.  Finally, Dave with send you a complete written evaluation of the match.

If you are interested in learning more about EXCEL Match Day Analysis contact Dave via email www.excelgoalkeeping@me.com. Dave will discuss the details of the visit and associated fees.

Match Day Analysis