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Low Coach-to-Keeper Ratio 4:1

Increased Technical Ability
Improve handling, diving, footwork, breakaways, crosses, and distribution. 


Improve Tactical Knowledge
Training sessions include various tactical elements: starting position, angle play, decision making, etc.

Improve Physical Abilities

Learn key goalkeeper fitness exercises to improve strength, coordination, flexibility, and dexterity.

Decision Making
Sessions place goalkeepers in real match scenarios, keepers compete every day, and they are tested mentally. 

Goalkeeping 101 (U10-U12)
This 3-Day camp focuses on introducing the technical aspects to your aspiring goalkeepers.  Our staff will focus on handling, diving, and crosses in this fundamental camp.  Furthermore, the keepers have the opportunity to showcase their skills in their own "goalie wars" tournament. Camp is for keepers 10-12 years old.  All keepers are grouped based upon age and ability. The academy is limited to 12 keepers per week.

Prep Academy (U13-U17)
This 5 day camp is designed for goalkeepers looking to refine their technical skills and gain advanced knowledge of proper footwork, ball handling, diving, crosses, breakaways, angle play, etc.  Keepers are placed in realistic scenarios to test them mentally, physical, technically, and tactically.  This camp is designed for keepers that are 13-16years old. All keepers are grouped based on age and ability. The academy is limited to 12 keepers per week.

Advanced Academy (U14-U18) 
This 5 day camp is designed for the goalkeeper looking for the competitive edge.  It is a high level and demanding camp that will push the keeper to the next level.  The camp focuses on the Four Pillars of Goalkeeping, placing the keeper in realistic situations and forces them to make quick decisions.  This camp is geared for the full-time high school and high level club keeper. The academy is limited to 12 keepers per week.
Keepers must be enrolled in the 9th grade.​

Camp Testimonial from Summer 2016
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for offering this opportunity for Will to join in your camp this week.  To say that it has probably been a pivotal point in his journey toward where God will take him, is an understatement.  He has never worked so hard, or has had as much fun doing so,  in his entire club soccer experience.  He has NEVER had true goalie training, and he is already talking about what he is going to have "Grace (his sister) and Bri"  do to help him get ready for the Fall, starting SATURDAY! :)
I'm sure these types of inspirational stories have been told to you numerous times, but I thought it warranted communicating to you again.

What you are doing is making a difference!  
Maybe even changing lives, while simultaneously teaching some kids how to be a better keeper!

My only regret?  We can't attend your second week!  We would LOVE to try and train with you and any other available opportunities, though!  

Training Highlights

Kansas City Scott Gallagher P3 Goalkeeper Academies

​​KCSG P3 Goalkeeping provides training camps for all-levels of goalkeepers throughout the year.  Our camps places goalkeepers in small coach-to-keeper ratios to make sure they get the most out of their experience.  EXCEL traditionally does 2 Summer camps, 1 Winter camp, and a series of Special Topics courses.

Our staff coaches include former professional and current and former college goalkeepers that have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with our aspiring keepers.  Current staff includes Jon Grice (Graceland), Jessica Stueve (UCM), Caroline Stanley (USC), Will Lukowski (Wright State), Alex Carpenter (Davidson), and Dorothy Bertoncin (UCCS).