My Top 5 Coaching Guides

1.  Football Periodization, Verheijen

2.  The Football Theory, Tamboer

3.  The Last 9 Seconds, DeBenedictis

4.  Coaching the 4-2-3-1, Harrison

5.  Teambuilding: The Road to Success, Michels

What I Am Reading Now:

How Life Imitates Chess:  Insight into life as a game of strategy by Garry Kasparov

Book of 1 Corinthians, NKJV

My Top 5 Leadership and Character Books

1.  Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success, Wooden and Carty

2.  Champion Minded, McCaw

3. Leading, Ferguson and Moritz

4. The Secret to Success, Thomas

5.  Quiet Strength, Dungy

Resources:  I believe strongly in order to become an elite athlete, leader, and grow in your faith it is critical to engage your mind and read daily.  Below is a listing of some of my favorite resources I consult as I continue to grow.

My Top 5 Soccer Books

1.  My Turn by Johan Cruyff

2.  Soccernomics, Kuper and Szymanski

3.  One Goal, Beswick

4.  Catch Them Being Good, DiCiccio

5.  The Numbers Game, Anderson and Salley