Small Group Training
This form of training is the specialty of EXCEL Goalkeeping.  Training consists of 4-8 goalkeepers in the same level of ability working together in a group setting.  The purpose of the training is to put the keeper in more game like scenarios compared to the traditional individual session.  Keepers now deal with the pressures of the game and learn how to handle the tactical stress while focusing on technical development.  This type of training is recommended for the full-time keeper looking to enhance their technical-tactical abilities.

Coaching Philosophy

The goal of EXCEL Goalkeeping is to provide the necessary training for the goalkeeper in today's game.  Our philosophy is based upon the five foundations of the game:  mental, physical, technical, tactical, and lifestyle. 

MENTAL:  This is the most difficult part of goalkeeping. The keeper must learn the importance of mental strength.  He/She is placed in a number of situations throughout the match that demand him/her to be keenly focused on the task at hand.  Unlike most of the players on the field our challenges as well as our successes are observed at all times by the players, spectators, scouts, and coaches.  We place our goalkeepers in stressful training situations so they become accustom to the mental demands of the position.  We want them to learn to make quick confident decisions on the field.  Therefore, we place our keepers in game like situation everyday in training.

PHYSICAL:  Goalkeepers are ordinary athletes that perform extraordinary feats.  We prepare our keepers for the physical demands of the position.  We incorporate numerous fitness activities into our training program that focus on the overall strength of the goalkeeper.  Furthermore, we stress the importance of proper nutrition and lifestyle to ensure the keeper can perform at maximum potential.  

TECHNICAL: We believe the keeper in the modern game must be clean in all the technical aspects of the game.  Each training session will focus on one or more of the following technical aspects:  handling, footwork, crosses, diving, breakaways, and distribution.

TACTICAL:  It is not enough anymore for the keeper to simply be a "shot-stopper".  The keeper must be tactically connected to the team at all times. Our training attempts to place the goalkeeper in as many game like scenarios as possible.  We want the goalkeeper to have a full understanding of angle play, box organization, communication, and other tactical situations.  

LIFESTYLE: This is a significantly under trained piece of the goalkeeper.  It is critical that EXCEL students live a positive lifestyle.  We strongly encourage keepers to lead a life of strong character on and off the field.  This includes being the best student-athlete that the keeper can be in school.  We also encourage keepers to respect all aspects of the game and all those involved.  After all, many people forget our saves, but they always remember the way we conducted ourselves on and off the field.